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Vashikaran Yantra

USD 151.00
‘Vashikaran’ literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is w...
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Navgrah Yantra

USD 121.00
This Yantra helps negate the malefic effects of the nine planets and bestows beneficial effects. It ...
Comments (1)

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Sri Santan Gopal Yantra

USD 121.00
Blesses the couple with a beautiful and intelligent child and increase love between them.It also pre...
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Mahamrityunjaya Yantra

USD 121.00
On worshiping Mrityunjay Yantra one can escape from miseries and troubles of this materialistic worl...
Comments (3)

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Baglamukhi Yantra

USD 121.00
Very useful Yantra for victory over enemies, winning law suits or court cases, success in disputes a...
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What is Yantra?

Yantras for solving the problems of every espect..

Shree yantra

Yantras are also used for more mundane purposes, to enhance the quality of life, to attract prosperity and abundance, even love, to heal and relieve health problems, to protect oneself from negative forces and so on.

Significance of Yantras

Significance of Yantra

Within the body of the more complex Yantras are inscribed the monosyllabic mantras, the bija or seed mantras, that are supposed to constitute the spiritual body of the goddess or god. The design always focuses the attention onto the center of the Yantra, usually a dot or bindu, which is the Locus Mundi, the center of all things and represents the Unmanifested Potential of all creation. The other figures usually symbolize the various stages within the unfolding of creation.
Thus, every Yantra is a symbolic representation of both the deity as well as the universe, as the mother goddess not only permeates the substance of the universe, she is, literally, the Universe itself. Abstract geometric representations of the universe, which do not represent a diety, are called mandalas, however. Thus every Yantra is a mandala, though not all mandalas are Yantras.

"Yantra is as essential to a God as oil is to the oil lamp or as a body is to a living human being"

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The Yantra is actually more powerful than an image of god which, to be energized, needs a Yantra to be affixed at its base or back anyway! A Yantra always has a mantra associated with it. Just as the mind is a part of yet different from the body, so is the mantra from the Yantra. The mantra is the mind consciousness while the Yantra is the form of the deity.

These Yantras will only work if you will believe in God or your Isht Dev. See all yantras



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