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Shri Yantra

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Navgrah Yantra

USD 121.00
This Yantra helps negate the malefic effects of the nine planets and bestows beneficial effects. It ...
Comments (1)

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Sampurna Kuber Yantra

USD 10 100.00
USD 171.00
Lord Kuber who is the God of wealth and money, and hence bestows wealth, money and success in busine...
Comments (6)

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Baglamukhi Yantra

USD 121.00
Very useful Yantra for victory over enemies, winning law suits or court cases, success in disputes a...
Comments (5)

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Sampoorna Vyapar Vraddhi Yantra

USD 141.00
This is a very powerful Mahayantra to increase the business. A person can amass huge wealth and pros...
Comments (4)

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Vashikaran Yantra

USD 151.00
‘Vashikaran’ literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is w...
Comments (2)

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Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on getting things right. In following conditions we will guarantee our services and products. If we are not found right in the100guarantee following conditions we will refund your complete cost/money back to you.

1.If you worship according to us at least 90 days of the given yantra and not found the benefits of the yantra you have the unconditional right to claim and receive a refund within 3 days after receiving your mail or phone call.

Why we are taking 90 days for worship because this is the time period of planets/nakshatras to complete their orbits. It may also happen that you may get the benefit from the first day of puja (worship). But we are taking our safest side. 

  1. If the product is found damaged then you have to report the company by Phone or E- mail. The returned item must be in our possession within 7 days of the date you receive it. If you want another piece of the Product we will deliver you new yantra Or your money back to you (if you want). 
  2. Shipping charges are non refundable. 
  3. Customs charges/duties applicable have to be paid by the customer.
  4. Our return policy is a result of our confidence in our products. Every product is triple checked before shipping. Since we handpick our stock, the first quality check takes place during procurement. The second check takes place before those products are entered into our stock database and are displayed online. The final and the most important quality check takes place before the products are shipped to the customer.




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