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Shri Yantra

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Shri Yantra

USD 121.00
Shri Yantra when used as suggested will get Overcome all your financial difficulties and showers lim...
Comments (7)

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Sampurna Kuber Yantra

USD 10 100.00
USD 171.00
Lord Kuber who is the God of wealth and money, and hence bestows wealth, money and success in busine...
Comments (6)

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Mahamrityunjaya Yantra

USD 121.00
On worshiping Mrityunjay Yantra one can escape from miseries and troubles of this materialistic worl...
Comments (3)

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Navgrah Yantra

USD 121.00
This Yantra helps negate the malefic effects of the nine planets and bestows beneficial effects. It ...
Comments (1)

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Vashikaran Yantra

USD 151.00
‘Vashikaran’ literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is w...
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Yantras for Beauty / Personality

Your life becomes easier when you captivate people around you. When you are magnetized with attraction, they yearn to help you and even go out of their way even before you could even ask! Develop a strong circle of magnetism that pulls people towards you. Your charm, communication and other soft skills play a vital role in determining your personality that will attract people around you. Sri Krishna is a divine magnetic personality who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu—upon worshipping him, you will be gifted with the traits and personality that can make you stand matchless in a crowd.

His Yantra will invigorate you with the power and energy to be distinctive; it will create an allure for your, and you will always be the Center of Attraction in a gathering

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Vashikaran Yantra

Price: USD 151.00
plus shipping
‘Vashikaran’ literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is worshipped and used to attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence.
Delivery time: 7 Days
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Sai Yantra

Old price: USD 7 100.00
Price: USD 121.00
plus shipping
Sai Yantra strengthens benefic planets & increases your positive influence and pacifies malefic planets & neutralizes their negative effect.
Delivery time: 7 Days
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Dash Mahavidya Sufaldai Yantra

Price: USD 171.00
plus shipping
This yantra gives you all the tantrik vidya..
Delivery time: 7 Days
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